Below is an overview of the key components that make up EveryPig's Brand, along with guidelines on how to use them properly.

EveryPig Logo

Our logo is our most recognizable brand asset. Please do you best to use it properly.

Full Logo

The full EveryPig logo is our primary logo. This is the preferred logo for representing EveryPig.

EP Logo View

Color Variations

To make sure our logo always stands out, several color variations can be used. Use a version with the orange mark whenever possible.

EP Logo View

Logo Mark

Our mark is a flying pig. This mark should always remain upright and symmetric. For audiences who already know our brand, the mark can be used on its own. For new markets and audiences, the full EveryPig logo should be used.

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Logo Use

Below are some guidelines to make sure it always looks great:

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Don’t change the placement of the mark.

Don’t play with the stroke on the mark.

Don’t stretch, skew or rotate the logo.

Don't use low res versions of the logo.

Don't change the size relationship between the logo and the mark

Do leave plenty of space around the logo.

Do try to keep the logo on a neutral background — see color suggestions above.

Brand Primary Colors



#FF5E31 | 255, 94, 49


Dark Blue

#1E263E | 29, 38, 62


Medium Blue

#0069A1 | 0, 105, 161

Brand Typeface

Open Sans

EP Logo View