Advanced Management Tools for Pig Owners Producers and Veterinarians.

Manage your team, communicate efficiently and track health issues using an intelligent and easy to use pig health platform.

Digital Daily Checkups for advanced farm reporting.

We’ve digitized the paper records that caregivers use to track the pig health history for groups. Users in the field submit this information daily using our mobile first web app. Meaning you see up-to-date pig health information in real time, no need to wait for a phone call, fax, or email before you’re notified of the condition of the pigs in the barns.


The Farmfeed™ is your hub for what's happening in your system. 

The Farmfeed™ puts all essential pig health issues in one newsfeed. Easily drill into the details surrounding a pig health issue with just a couple of clicks. 


Barn Sheets remember everything.

The Barn Sheets record all Daily Checkups information, including when a caregiver missed a daily Daily Checkup, a farm is empty, or photos and videos are uploaded. Your historical data is never locked in EveryPig, using our CSV export service you can easily export data for use elsewhere.


Automated Inventory Tracking

Companies waste countless hours chasing after caregivers for inventory information on a weekly basis. These phone calls are unnecessary. We save your team time by having the caregivers take a few seconds to reconcile their inventory in the app, where you’ll have access to view or edit 24/7.


Check-ins show you who's been to what farm today.

Check-ins allow users in the field to “Check in” on a farm. Check-ins are a valuable way to keep track of your workforce.


VetBot is your artificially intelligent veterinary assistant.

The VetBot never sleeps and will supplement your veterinary staff by continually monitoring all your farms. When the more information is needed from the field, the VetBot asks automatically, saving vets time and improving pig health outcomes.



Insights give you a high-level view of the health and activity of your farms. Here you’ll find an asset map and critical analytics including inventory, daily mortally, farm compliance and symptoms present in your system. 


More Pro Features. 

Text Message Alerts
Text alerts keep you informed of all health-related issues. You can customize them to receive as many, or as few, as you want.

Email Alerts
For those who prefer Email alerts, they also keep you informed of all health-related issues, mentions, personal progress reports and EveryPig information. You can customize them to receive as many, or as few, as you want.

Drug Efficacy tracking
The Vet Bot can track the efficacy of any medication in your system. After a treatment has been reported the Vet Bot will check with the farm that reported the treatment to inquire about the efficacy of the medication administered.

On-Time Checkup Compliance
The compliance of every active farm is tracked so users can see how consistently they submit Daily Checkups to EveryPig. Farm Compliance is a useful motivational tool for users in the field.

@ Mentions
Users can “mention” other people associated with a farm on the Farmfeed. Mentioning another person triggers an email alert that informs users they’ve been mentioned.

Image & Video sharing
Users in the field can upload images and videos as part of the Daily Checkup, helping veterinarians diagnose an illness without having to spend hours traveling to remote farms.

Audio upload
Our audio upload feature allows users in the field to record and upload audio inside a barn. Access to audio files from inside the farm helps veterinarians to distinguish coughs and other issues.

Multi Language support
We offer French, Korean, Portugues, Spanish, and Vietnamese language support.

We built EveryPig from the ground up to support the wide variety of business models in the pork production industry. Our admin panel allows for you to customize EveryPig to work with your corporate structure.

User permissions
EveryPig only shares information with the people who should see it. Our robust role system allows you to customize user roles just like in the field, so you can rest assured that your data is safe.

CSV exports
Export historical data to CSV files for easy sharing and printing.

EveryPig offers custom integrations with legacy software. Please inquire for more information.