As a vet, wouldn't you like the power to visit all farms under your care every day?


You will oversee more farms than ever before, in real-time, 24 hours a day

Your team sends you data using devices they already have in their pockets

You'll save valuable time and more pig lives


Solve the most difficult things about managing your veterinary practice.

(With the help of some artificial intelligence)

Say "Hi" to VetBot your Ai Veterinary Assistant.

The VetBot never sleeps and will supplement your veterinary staff by continually monitoring all your farms. When the more information is needed from the field, the VetBot asks automatically, saving vets time and improving pig health outcomes.  

Drug Efficacy Tracking
The VetBot can track the efficacy of any medication in your system. After a treatment has been reported the VetBot will check with the farm that reported the treatment to inquire about the efficacy of the medication administered. 


Farmfeed™ is the finger on the pulse of your herd.

The Farmfeed™ puts all essential pig health issues in one reverse historical newsfeed. Easily drill into the details surrounding a pig health issue with just a couple of clicks or use the feed as a communications hub for coordinating treatments and colleagues in the field. 

Text and Email Alerts
Alerts keep you informed of all health-related issues. You can customize them to receive as many, or as few, as you want.


Image & Video sharing

Caregivers, managers, and veterinarians in the field can upload images and videos as part of the Daily Checkup. These assets help you diagnose an illness without having to travel to far-flung farm locations.


Check-ins keep everything in check.

Check-ins allow users in the field to “Check in” on a farm. Check-ins are a valuable way to keep track of where your workforce.


EveryPig is easy to use.

Your employees and contractors will get the hang of it in hours, not weeks. In-app positive reinforcement, comments, text message/email alerts and @mentions make it a breeze to use for any level of tech proficiency.

EveryPig is a mobile-first web app that works on any internet connected smartphone, tablet or computer.