Our mission is to serve animals, producers and consumers by improving animal health and increasing transparency in the food chain.


The Problems Opportunities

  Treatment Issues

Pigs get sick, and all too often are misdiagnosed or not treated until it's too late.


Poor communication between caregivers on the farm, field managers and veterinarians leads to the loss of more pigs than necessary, costing animal lives and producers money.


   Consumer Demand

Consumers are asking for more transparency in the food chain. EveryPig provides a deeper knowledge of how your food is raised.

Our Solution

A mobile platform that caregivers use to enter daily health information on the animals they raise.

A Tool for Caregivers

EveryPig gets closest to the pig. The people who see the animals every day report to us from the farm.

Real-time Insight

The never collected before data is seen by veterinarians and farm managers to quickly assess and respond to health issues.


We can tell the whole story, from the animal’s health history to every treatment that's been given to them by their caregivers.

Success Stories

September 2016

Within a week of its launch, EveryPig helped to detect a hemolytic e-coli outbreak early enough to save hundreds of pig lives.

October 2016

A veterinarian monitoring EveryPig noticed abnormal symptoms on a farm and quickly diagnosed a case of Seneca Valley Virus, which likely would have gone undetected. 

April 2017

Inventory funtionality is released in the app. Caregivers now reconcile their inventory weekly, saving hours of time in the backoffice and giving owners and management companies more insight into their herds.

June 2017

EveryPig® makes its public debut at the World Pork Expo in Des Moines, Iowa.


We’re just getting started.

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