EveryPig Plays Well With Others

Does your pork production company already use MetaFarms, Prairie Systems’ FAS, or AP Edge Controllers? If so, we offer intelligent integrations with these solutions! 

EveryPig Integrations

EveryPig Integrations allow you to leverage the data you collect in other systems. Setup is fast and easy. With a few clicks, you can create automation that pulls data into EveryPig or pushes data to other platforms. 

MetaFarms® API Integration

Already using the MetaFarms' FINISH platform?

EveryPig automatically syncs your up-to-date Mortality data with the historical data in FINISH. When connected, EveryPig will push this data nightly via application programming interface (API) to MetaFarms FINISH. This integration ensures MetaFarms FINISH has the most up-to-date data possible.

     Data pushed to MetaFarms
  •    Mortality Events
  •    Mortality Reasons

Prairie Systems API Integration

Already using Prairie Systems' Feed Allocation System (FAS)?

If you're already using Prairie Systems' FAS, then EveryPig is the perfect complement. When connected, EveryPig can automatically pull feed medication and group data right from FAS via the application programming interface (API)! When synced, we store this data on the EveryPig Barn Sheets, where you can inspect all treatment data entered into EveryPig. 

Group import allows a company to create groups in Prairie Systems' FAS, and have them automatically synced to EveryPig each night. This integration will enable you to integrate EveryPig into your existing workflow seamlessly.

We also allow you to push data stored in EveryPig to FAS. This integration ensures both systems have the most up-to-date data.

     Data pushed to FAS
  •    Pig Placements
  •    Transfers
  •    Sales
  •    Mortality Events
  •    Est. Avg. Weight
     Data pulled from FAS
  •    Group Data
  •    Feed Medications
  •    Units Administered
  •    Head Treated
  •    Withdrawal Periods

AP Edge® Controller Integration

     Data pushed to Edge Controllers (Soon)
  •    Pig Placements
  •    Transfers
  •    Mortality Events
     Data pulled from Edge Controllers (Now)
  •    Water Usage
  •    High/Low Temps

Are your barns using AP Edge Controllers?

If your barns have AP Edge Controllers installed, EveryPig can automatically pull data from them. When connected, EveryPig pulls and stores water usage and high/low-temperature data from the controller(s).

Coming Soon
EveryPig will soon be able to push pig migration and mortality events right to the AP Edge Controller in your barn(s). This way, caregivers will not have to worry about double entering data to ensure temperatures are appropriately maintained.