How to use Offline Mode 

Last updated May 29, 2018

With Offline Mode, you can submit a Daily Checkup when you're offline or in an area with poor cellular coverage. Follow the steps list below to get started.

Note: Offline mode still requires you to connect to the internet periodically to sync data with the online server.   

Launch EveryPig

1.   Launch EveryPig On Your Device

  • When you launch EveryPig, make sure you have an internet connection
  • If you launch EveryPig without an internet connection, you will not be able to use the app. 

Load Daily Checkup

2. Tap The Daily Checkup Link 

When you load the Daily Checkup, EveryPig will save your open groups and store them for Offline use.

Note: The time required to load groups and other data for offline mode may vary due to internet speed.


3. Go Offline And Submit A Checkup!

While you're offline, EveryPig can record Mortalities, Symptoms, Medications, and Pig Movements. Your Daily Checkup will be submitted automatically when you reconnect to the internet. 

1. When merging data collected offline, the server compares timestamps and saves the most current data. In some instances, offline data may be discarded in deference to more up-to-date data already on the server. 
2. Media files cannot be uploaded in Offline Mode, they require an internet connection to upload to a Daily Checkup.
3. Closing the EveryPig app may result in the loss of data. To guard against data loss, we recommend keeping EveryPig open until an internet connection is reestablished.